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Brigadoon Reappears in Vermont

Originally published at Through the Tollbooth. Please leave any comments there.

The Vermont College of Fine Arts winter residency is in full swing. Here at the Tollbooth we’ll post missives from the residency every day. First off Sheryl Scarborough joins us–

Brigadoon Reappears in Vermont

Stardate: January 2012… soon (this semester’s graduating class) The Keepers of the Dancing Stars will boogie their way out of our hearts and into the world of children everywhere.  They are such a dynamic class we will be sorry to see them go.  Meanwhile, the new fourth semester class The Secret Gardeners are sowing the seeds of a creatively themed bash as the stars of children’s books. They’re hinting at a great harvest of food for us to enjoy. Yay!  The “Threes” (of which I am one) will be springing their name on the group at some pre-destined moment.  All I can say is stay tuned, all will be revealed. But one clue leaked early in the form of a QR code (included, in case you’re interested.)

We arrived on campus early this time and enjoyed watching this tiny island of creative chaos awaken to the infusion of so much joy and camaraderie. It’s our private Brigadoon that only comes alive for 10 days – twice a year.

Julie Larios delivered the opening lecture “Once or Twice Upon a Time or Two: Thoughts About Revisionist Fairy Tales” in which she challenged us about the notion of living happily ever after – or even getting what you want.  While she was speaking about our work, her message applies to our lives as well and particularly to our lives at VCFA. We come here with the words “I wish” etched in our hearts.  But as Julie says, “It’s the journey, not the wish fulfilled that matters.”

So true, right?

For VCFA grads that have passed through before us we thank you for the traditions you’ve left behind – both somber and silly. We cherish and revere each one and prepare to pass them along with glee our journey continues.  And so, another REZ begins.

Sheryl Scarborough is in her third VCFA semester in the Writing for Children and Young Adults program and even though she barely remembers getting through last year she thinks of it as the most wonderful experience of her life.