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Exponential Growth In Happiness To You

Originally published at Through the Tollbooth. Please leave any comments there.

May your happiness grow exponentially in 2012. I’m not sure mine will and, anyway, predicting the future feels jinxy. But one can be optimistic at the New Year. Heliotropic, say. A professor of mine once called Anne Elliot in Austen’s “Persuasion” heliotropic; Anne always turned toward the light, she said. I would like to be heliotropic.

This should be a big interim year for me. My book won’t be out until 2013, but I plan to use this unwanted time to investigate creating an eBook to go along with the physical one and perhaps to redo my website – at least to revise it to include fun activities for children when they visit in 2013. Otherwise, I hope to write more. Writing gave way to illustration in 2011, and I’d like to strike a better balance in 2012. I’m working on a (mostly) wordless picture book. Does the story-telling aspect of that project count as writing? I will optimistically, heliotropically, say that it does.

I have a solo art exhibit this month at my local library. It features many – but not all – of the illustrations from my book. It’s been a lot of fun to watch people try to figure out the story from the pictures I did include. I’ve been meaning to make a short video of the art on the wall and will post it here if I film it in the next day or so.